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Smart Executive

Clever answers

The insurance specialized AI Chatbot. 

According to a Accenture's Global Distribution & Marketing Costumer Study published in 2017, 74% of consumers were willing to receive advice generated by a computer.


The repetitive activities and trivial doubts subtract important time for the human capital of any company. With Smart Executive, companies save money and effort of human resources dedicated to these activities, focusing on creative work, decision-making and value added functions.


In this reopening of activities, clients are looking for digital interaction and we must not miss the great potential technology offers. Smart Executive has revolutionized the way companies in the insurance industry interact with their customers, being close, being smart.



Multi-channel bot

Different means to communicate such as embedded Web Chat on any page, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or SMS.


Understanding of natural language

Natural and informal dialogues, able to understand, multiple forms of asking, grammatical errors and other language deformations.  


Multiple Services


+ General info of the policy

+ Forwarding policy via email

+ Payment status

+ Doubts about coverages

+ Policy renewal

+ Claim report

+ Satisfaction survey

+ Frequent asked questions


Efficient and effective

Records are queried directly from the core policy management system, providing reliable and accurate information.


Transfer to human executive

Possibility of handing over the  conversation control  to a human executive as users request.






Learn about user usage patterns, unsolved questions, satisfaction survey results, complete conversations, etc. 


High availability

Channel open 24 hours a day x 7 days a week, without breaks.






Human empathy

Learning from each interaction, integrating human empathy and daily dialogues to communicate with the customer.



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