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Our talented team


Our team is conformed by computer science engineers with remarkable academic and work performance whose skills and knowledge are specialized in Microsoft web technologies, as well as other supplementary frameworks comprehending a Full-Stack profile.


The recruitment and selection process is meticulous, as well as the incorporation process of every engineer once they are accepted in the organization which guarantees new team members have got all technical and business knowledge to start creating software solutions.


The methodology and best practices we follow are rigorous, absolutely all team members have approved the SCRUM Fundamentals Certification, even administrative, sales and tech-support members and SCRUM Master for key leaders.


As a technological company oriented to insurance industry, we assess all members have the required business knowlegde to meet client's needs, therefore we encourage our development teams to approved the Cedula A license exam before Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas which indorses insurance fundamentals knowledge .


Absolutely all employees are hired directly by the company signing indefinite period contracts, so we create long term relationships from the beginning which gives certainty to our members, to our clients and reduces turnover rate.

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