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Smart Broker

Making decisions easier

Make smarter, fact-based decisions from value information.

Visualizing information in real time, displayed in a single dashboard is the most efficient way to make decisions. Drilling down a chart, exporting the image or the source data, defining strategic indicators and building custom dashboards are among many other functionalities that Smart Broker offers for our clients. A practical business intelligence platform that allows you to consume data from different sources and display it in one platform, enables users to make fast and accurate decisions.

On top of that, it is possible to set thresholds and notifications when these has been reached as well as defining the automatic data refresh periods.


Web Responsive app

Automatically adaptable to any device, smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.


Custom dashboards


Easy customization of each board, delimitation of dates, axes, legends, series, etc.


Easy Export



Export indicators to Excel, PDF or image formats.


Real time

Custom update timeout settings.





Notification and message center

The most relevant events in one notification center.





Visual experience

Easy to read look & feel that captures user's attention and efficient interpretation of the presented data.


All KPIs in

one screen

Different type of indicators presented in one dashboard. 

Separated dashboards by topic.

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